Insert Obligatory Introductory Post


So, I've decided to try making a blog. About me, basically.

A place to ramble, to talk things through (even if it ends up being only to myself) to try get them straight in my head, to share my thoughts. Somewhere where I know I won't be bothering anyone, because anyone who hangs around long enough to read anything does so of their own choosing, and can stop at any moment. I have difficulty with social networking like Facebook because it's always seemed a bit like randomly breaking out my guitar in a room with other people; vaguely intrusive, and I forever feel like I'm going to bother someone.

I'm splitting this off to keep it separate from what I actually want to talk about that prompted this blog. And because random introductory posts are obligatory. Even the Bloggess had one. Of course, hers was totally way cooler than mine, but that's beside the point.

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