Radio Silence


Things are likely going to be dead on this blog for a time... I doubt I could manage a post right now except about what's forefront on my mind right now, and I'm not in a position where it's likely to be wise to post about that.

To anyone reading, please pray for us or send good wishes or whatever you are willing to do. There isn't really any tangible help that can be given, and I most certainly have no objection to adding anything good to this situation at all... a little good karma certainly couldn't hurt anything.

The tags should at least give an inkling why we could use it.

My husband misses the point sometimes, which makes the Bloggess the best decoy ever


Firstly, the internet being down for the better part of a week really sucks. Fortunately, the torture is over and I get to spend the next few days catching up on my feeds while trying to ignore the feeling of my pelvic bones shifting around when I move.

It's honestly amusing the number of times now that my husband has looked at me and very seriously informed me, "No taxidermied animals!"

As a response, it's a great illustration of comically missing the point when I say I totally want to be like the Bloggess. I've told him before that he doesn't have to worry about taxidermied animals from me. I'm not referring to the items involved in the crazy antics, just the antics themselves.

Because of this, though, it turns the Bloggess into the perfect decoy. Every time he tells me "no taxidermied animals", he's forgetting about things he might actually need to worry about. Like, "no teaching our son how to dissect insects". Or, "no, you can't have all the kittens at the SPCA, no matter how cute they are".

Actually, I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with things for him to worry about right now. That's probably got something to do with the pregnancy brain though, which truly kicked in with a vengeance about the time baby dropped. My memory might be pretty bad, but usually I can remember if I flushed the toilet ten seconds ago, or that I've already grabbed some meat out of the freezer for tea. And then proceeded to wander out to get meat out of the freezer another five times since already. In the last hour and a half.

Lastly, something my mum showed me ages back that I went looking for in order to show my husband. NSFW (swearing).

Camera's here! And so is baby stuff


The digital camera finally arrived in the mail recently (big thanks to @RyanStoler), so I can finally share pictures with you. The timing on this is pretty good, as it arrived only a couple days after my grandparents visited with a huge amount of stuff for the nursery. Us ladies immediately took the first available opportunity to attack our new toys and went a little crazy setting everything up, so said nursery is now basically done.

Intyalle's Nursery album on Photobucket

That cot was set up entirely by us two, with no help from my husband. He, perhaps fortunately for his own safety, was napping and in no position to try interfere with the pregnant, nesting female in the next room.

I didn't want to take pictures of every single drawer of clothing, much less every piece, so the pictures you see are of the two drawers of 0000 clothing. The black set of drawers contain the 000 and 00 clothing, and the big red drawer contains bedding and cloths and such.

Pictures of me will be forthcoming at some point. Before I can do that, however, I would need to get dressed. So, none yet.


I made my mum fangirl today


My mum is not typically the fan-girly sort, but she's the one who first introduced me to the Bloggess. And today I got to tell her that the Bloggess is following me on twitter. Jenny Lawson thinks my inane chatter is worthy of notice, and the awesomeness of that might well make me explode. My mother actually typed "OMG". With the capitals. I don't think I've ever seen her type omg before ever. It kind of makes me wish I'd been there to tell her in person because she might well have said it too and that would've been something to hear.

If mum were the sort to have a twitter, I bet I would've made her horribly envious too.

Band Back Together


Band back together is an organisation dedicated to sharing stories to destigmatise various things like mental illness, rape and abuse. This year, Thoughts From Paris is hosting a blogathon to fundraise for this organisation - a post every hour - and one of mine has been included.

So go take a look and, perhaps, donate a little bit to the cause.