A video that should be watched by many


This video touched me deeply.

It's right, too. Those of us who go on, at least a part of us knows they're wrong... or sets out to make them wrong, at any rate. We manage to hold on to the belief that we are more than that.

And yet, it leaves its mark anyway.

I believe I am a good person; it's something I've worked hard for. I believe I am better than what the bullies say, than the lies depression tells. And yet I still don't believe I'm good enough... and I don't believe I'm beautiful. Intellectually, I know the sheer mass of people who've told me now that I am can't all be wrong. At this point, I'm pretty sure they even outnumber those who told me I wasn't. In my heart, though, I don't believe it. In the mirror, I can't see it. I say they're biased, or just trying to make me feel better, because so much of me still can't see any other reason for them to say it.

I guess that's all I've got to say here... I just wanted to share the video and get that out. I hope this touches and inspires someone else, too.

  1. Woah. That was powerful.

    Yeah, this video pretty well describes my life before I switched schools. After that, it was reversed. My home life with my family became dark and full of fear and sadness, while school was SLIGHTLY better.

    Definitely gonna share this. Nice find.

    Oh, and if you don't want to believe compliments, eh, I suppose I could say that you're a dumbass bitch who should go die in a fire, but I don't like lying. Especially to you.

    Plus, as bad as compliments can be, I think insults are still worse for you. You're beautiful, Athena, and you always will be.

  1. It's not a matter of want, and being unable to accept certain compliments certainly doesn't translate to wanting insults instead :P

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