Mighty hunter, my ass


We're out of cat biscuits today. We'll be able to get more soon enough but, in the meantime, we finally broke out the fish we'd been given for the cats that has been in the freezer. Turns out they're whole fish. I couldn't tell you what kind, I know nothing about fish.

Currently, Harmony is happily munching away. The fish seems to baffle her somewhat, but she's taking it as a challenge and munching away. On the lino. Three seconds in I caught her trying to drag it off the plate and immediately I was all "RIGHT. We are NOT continuing this here." So she got moved rapidly to the kitchen.

Ginger, on the other hand, despite all protestations to the contrary, must not really think we're starving her after all. I have tried several times to coax her back over to the food, but assuming she acknowledges it at all, she just sort of sits there ad gives me a look that says "And what exactly do you expect me to do with this?" Then she starts trying to convince me we're starving her again.

Honestly, cat. I bet the rats would do better with that damned fish than you have. There's even a decent chance they probably will, since someone apparently hasn't the slightest idea what to do with food that didn't come from a can, box or bag.

So it appears Ginger will just have to wait until we can pick up some more cat biscuits, while Harmony will get to munch away quite happily. Don't let her protestations that we starve her fool you; she has quite happily gone on campaigns to insist we need to feed her right this second before she dies even as food sits in her bowl right at that moment. On more than one occasion, this has necessitated picking her up and carrying her to her food bowl just so she finally remembers that actually, we already did feed her. Oh yeah!

And, head in my hand, I remind myself patiently that she's not the stupidest cat I've ever owned.

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