Camera's here! And so is baby stuff


The digital camera finally arrived in the mail recently (big thanks to @RyanStoler), so I can finally share pictures with you. The timing on this is pretty good, as it arrived only a couple days after my grandparents visited with a huge amount of stuff for the nursery. Us ladies immediately took the first available opportunity to attack our new toys and went a little crazy setting everything up, so said nursery is now basically done.

Intyalle's Nursery album on Photobucket

That cot was set up entirely by us two, with no help from my husband. He, perhaps fortunately for his own safety, was napping and in no position to try interfere with the pregnant, nesting female in the next room.

I didn't want to take pictures of every single drawer of clothing, much less every piece, so the pictures you see are of the two drawers of 0000 clothing. The black set of drawers contain the 000 and 00 clothing, and the big red drawer contains bedding and cloths and such.

Pictures of me will be forthcoming at some point. Before I can do that, however, I would need to get dressed. So, none yet.


  1. Pictures of you are forthcoming?

    Hmm... I guess showing your feet at the bottom of the picture of the green drawer and the bottom of the picture of the yellow drawer and the left side of the picture that shows all three drawers doesn't count then? :P

    (Yeah, I'm nitpicking. :P)

  1. I was taking the picture, so it's kind of physically impossible for my feet to be all the way over there :P

    As for the individual drawer pics... no, catching a little bit of my fingers holding said drawer open does not count as pics of me :P

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