Radio Silence


Things are likely going to be dead on this blog for a time... I doubt I could manage a post right now except about what's forefront on my mind right now, and I'm not in a position where it's likely to be wise to post about that.

To anyone reading, please pray for us or send good wishes or whatever you are willing to do. There isn't really any tangible help that can be given, and I most certainly have no objection to adding anything good to this situation at all... a little good karma certainly couldn't hurt anything.

The tags should at least give an inkling why we could use it.

  1. "So, I've decided to try making a blog. About me, basically.

    A place to ramble, to talk things through (even if it ends up being only to myself) to try get them straight in my head, to share my thoughts. Somewhere where I know I won't be bothering anyone, because anyone who hangs around long enough to read anything does so of their own choosing, and can stop at any moment."

    I'm not going to force you to speak, but I would like to remind you that this is the whole reason for the blog's existence. To remain hidden and fearful will defeat the entire purpose.

    I hope you take this into consideration.

  1. The problem is that things are still very up in the air, and we're currently looking into legal advice. I will no doubt talk about it here once things are a little more settled - I will almost certainly need to talk about it a lot, then. Until then, though, it's probably wiser to keep quiet for a time. Properly explaining the issue will also require getting permission from a couple others before I publicly air private details, too.

    In the meantime, I'm perfectly happy to talk about it privately still.

  1. Hope you're doing okay Athena. You know how to contact me when you need to. This is Seika

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